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A podcast dedicated to all aspects and experiences of leadership in the world. The mission and purpose of this podcast is to inspire everyone to uncover, live in, lead from, and make an authentic impact on the world from their highest and best self. The premise of this podcast is that everyone is a leader, regardless of their job or position.

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Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

Take from his hard-won experience in 6 different technology startups - some that succeeded, some that failed - and apply his wisdom to enhance your own success as a leader!
Geoff Greene's subtle observations and powerful insights do not only apply to startups. For any leader in any kind of organization, his tips can be applied to optimize your outcomes. 
He has recently founded his own company, sixstar tech (, where he pours his business and technology experience into his clients' challenges and opportunities.

Thursday Jul 13, 2023

If you have been pursuing venture capital to fund the startup of your amazing business idea that will change the world (!) but have not yet secured it - fear not! There are many other viable, highly successful ways to fund your company. Lee Lorenzen of Altura Ventures in California shares the wisdom and advice he offers entrepreneurs on what to do next and how. His strategic approach and persuasive techniques will get you there. Check out if you are interested in learning more!
Check out if you are eager to be an amazing leader of your company at any stage and at any level in the organization ...

Thursday Jun 15, 2023

The hottest topic in the healthcare industry these days is the movement towards returning care into the homes of patients. Hank Ross, Founder and Former CEO (currently Senior Advisor) of Physician Housecalls - serving Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas - is one of those leading this disruptive innovation. Amazon, Walgreens, CVS, Cigna and Aetna have also begun investing in this emerging trend. Listen to Ross explain why this is great for patients while at the same time makes sound economic sense.

Thursday Jun 01, 2023

How well you manage the flow of work in your company ~ distributing tasks over time throughout your org chart and then tracking and measuring progress against strategic goals ~  determines whether the "busy-ness" of your people actually moves the needle, or if it is just "busy-ness." 
Brandon Jones,' CEO of TRIAD, shares how he has mastered the OKR system (objectives / key results) in a profound, inclusive, and hugely impactful way. His story is a must-listen for leaders who want greater impact, clarity, engagement and inspiration among their teams, and to create and measure the relationship between people's activities and business outcomes. This kind of operational rigor will also help your Board relax, reassuring them that you will actually execute.

Friday Apr 28, 2023

Is it possible to innovate if your team are not all in the same physical room together? Yes! According to Brandon Jones, CEO of Triad, it is not only possible, it many ways it is better! Listen to learn why and how to master this skill in the new world of work.

Tuesday Feb 21, 2023

Neuro-Developmental Movement® is a healing modality that can help fully recover children from neurological diagnoses such as autism, sensory processing disorder, retained primitive reflexes, ADD, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning disabilities, attachment and bonding disorders, and even cerebral palsy and epilepsy. According to Sargent Goodchild, Founder/President of Active Healing, these diagnoses share a root cause: "brain injury," which is treatable. Listen to the compelling stories from his 28 years of practice in this area (including his own personal story) and learn how he has disrupted the conventional wisdom about how to work with the "alphabet soup" of childhood diagnoses.
Visit his website:
Visit my leadership coaching website: 

Friday Jan 20, 2023

Have you considered going fully remote, or transitioning one area/aspect of your organization to fully remote? Brandon Jones, CEO of Triad, leads a completely virtual organization and shares best practices, the myriad benefits, and how to handle the challenges of a virtual business. All your concerns will be assuaged with Brandon's playbook on transitioning to and leading a remote company.

Wednesday Jan 04, 2023

Amy Ripka, Founder/CEO of Lucy Therapeutics, shares her amazing story of driving disruptive innovation in the biotech industry. She describes her scientific "curiosity" that led to the formulation of her disruptive idea, and the gutsy "courage" that drove her to found Lucy Therapeutics against all odds, overcoming the industry's significant resistance. Her story will inspire and encourage you to do the same with your own innovative ideas, whether in the startup space or within a larger organization!

Saturday Dec 03, 2022

This podcast shares an inspiring story - and roadmap - for aligning your work life with your highest, truest, most talented self. Follow Ken Daly's story of transition - in mid-career - from being President of a global utility company to becoming President of a college. A must listen for anyone who does not already ADORE their work!

Friday Nov 18, 2022

A creative conversation with Amy Ripka, Founder/CEO of Lucy Therapeutics and professional violinist, about how she leverages the principles of performing music to her own leadership practice.


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